| June 24, 2010

Per Jakob Nielsen “Heuristic evaluation is a discount usability engineering method for quick, cheap, and easy evaluation of a user interface design” (Nielsen, 2005).

It serves as an effective way to find elements of a site which are affecting the overall function of the site with enough structure and support to prove your point.

It starts with a list of “Usability Heuristics”.  You can approach this in different ways.  There is Nielsen’s list of 10 Usability Heuristics,  the severity of which are then graded on a five point scale.

Traditionally, a tester will go through a website observing the various elements of the website that seem off according to the Heuristics, rate their severity, provide support, and finally a screen shot or linked example.

Quick and easy!  It’s a great way to “double check” your work when you launch new things.